Lessons Learned in the Nashville Dollhouse

female friendships fwordstoliveby Aug 23, 2023

This past weekend I enjoyed a much-needed retreat with my Superhero Group. In January one of our beloved members passed away, so we renamed our group the Super Seven with One in Heaven.

It was important for us to get together and reconnect. I would suspect you have a group of women or even one individual that when you get together it is as if no time has passed between you.
Our weekend was spent in the Nashville Dollhouse. This is the perfect location for women who want to live in a fantasy world for a weekend.
There are three lessons I learned while spending time in the Dollhouse that I want to share with you.

1. Your Environment is Important. From the moment we walked into this special home we were in awe of all the details and all the PINK! It made us happy. What about the environment where you live or work? Does it make you happy? Do you love your space? Creating a space that you feel relaxed and happy in gives off positive emotions. When you truly love your space you will feel so much more energy.

We also connected with our bodies while being led through a Grateful Flow exercise. It was time to get out of dark spaces in our bodies and minds and be grateful for ourselves and each   other in deeper ways. Yes, we went through many tissues. But it was cleansing and freeing. Is it time for you to cleanse and free your dark spaces?

2. Go With the Flow. We had a beautiful agenda planned for the weekend. But we also allowed for the day to flow. Our agenda didn’t dictate our day, we decided on other and better options. You might think you have the plan all figured out but as we all learned during Covid – there are times we need to pivot. That allowed for a beautiful Saturday evening.

To also go with the flow, that could mean practicing mindfulness. Accept things that are out of your control. Practice self-compassion and use your breath.

3. Unload Physically & Mentally. We all need to unload or unhaul garbage we’ve been carrying around in our hearts, heads, and environment. We all decided we wanted to ride in one car. My car seats seven but that meant limiting luggage. It was a miracle, but we did it with a car top and strategic packing from my husband. And while we learned to pack and unload my car, we also unloaded a lot that was on our hearts. A true cleansing.

If y’all haven’t given yourself the time for a retreat, I highly recommend planning it. It does take planning but it is well worth the time to do it.