Ten Wearable Fall Trends for 2023

Aug 16, 2023

Who loved the 80’s besides me? Fashion trends from the 80’s are making a comeback. Hello shoulder pad! But you will also see some carryovers from spring. Bold pieces, timeless classics, and a few quirky trends I will mention. Here we go. Enjoy.

  1. Biggest trend of the season – the color red. All shades of red. Bright to burgundy. Viva Magenta is Pantone’s color of the year. You will see deep red and maroon shades, or a lighter, brighter red. Reds make great pops of color so don’t think you have to be head- to- toe in red. Red is also a great lip and nail color.
  2. Leather Trend – real or faux – wear head -to- toe. Dresses are going very strong. You will see lots of color in leather dresses and maxi skirts. Leather on leather is also super chic this season so feel free to wear a leather top with a leather mini or maxi skirt. Leather boots and handbags are accessories you can easily wear with any ensemble too.
  3. Oversized coats. If you have more of a “tailored” personality, then think of wearing an oversized piece that is also structured. Big, tailored shoulders (padded or not) and double-breasted looks fit this category. If you typically wear a bomber or biker jacket, find one that is roomy enough to allow ample layering underneath. Trench coats can look oversized if left unbuttoned. You will see a lot of double-breasted options on oversized coats.
  4. Elevated Athleisure. Matching sets of leggings, crop tops, sports bras and athletic jackets are taken up a notch or two when it comes to glam. Continue to feel cozy and chic but these pieces will be worn for both day and night – not just a run to the grocery store. Dress them up by adding minimal accessories. You will see a lot of one shoulder bodysuits tucked into leggings to capture the dancer feel. Flared leggings with a side slit are also chic to wear.
  5. Western Trend. Think Taylor Swift. Have you been to her concert? She wears a lot of lighter weight dresses with cowboy boots and hat. Boots are everywhere. Embrace your inner western girl. Another similar trend is the Costal Cowgirl. You see the beach ladies in their beachwear and boots.
  6. Powersuit Trend. The powersuit from the 80’s is returning but in a modern way. They include a unique vest and are paired with a power jacket that has strong shoulders. Structured blazers and skirts are back. The only thing not included in this is the big hair – darn, I miss big hair!
  7. Loose Jeans & Trousers. These bottoms will not be as slouchy as the Y2K trend. They can be straight with a bootcut flare or a wide leg. A boot cut is so flattering on everyone. All bottoms can be worn with sneakers and blazers. The Cargo look is also strong – not only in pants skirts are also seeing the cargo pocket.
  8. Tights. Tights were seen all over the fall runways. Wear them with dresses, shorts – even denim shorts. You will see tights come in fun patterns. Those always look lovely with a basic dress.
  9. Cropped Jackets & Tops. I’m not talking about showing your belly with these. But the more petite woman will love all the options this fall. Those who are taller can easily wear these over a button-up shirt.
  10. Minimalism. I love this trend. The key to creating a minimalist wardrobe is to capitalize on pieces that are easy to wear, luxurious and chic – yet comfy. One and done dresses are an example. Spice it up with statement jewelry.

There are a couple of trends you might see that I’m not going to spend time on. I’m only mentioning them because I feel certain you will hear about them. One is called Free the Nipple. When my daughter was visiting from Colorado, she said once a year there are hikes called Free the Nipple. Female hikers can go topless like the males. A few days later I’m reading about Free the Nipple as a fashion trend. Go figure.
The other is Pantsless Elegance. You can use your imagination – lol.
Which wearable trend are you most excited about? Please email me and let me know.
Happy Fall Y’all