The Secret to a Fulfilling Life

Dec 14, 2022

Recently I attended a networking event hosted by a group of women. I struggled with what I wanted to wear. It was cold and rainy outside. The location was over 30 minutes from my home. I truly wanted to put on my p.j.'s and stay home and watch Christmas movies.

Do you ever feel that way? Do you struggle to make the effort to attend such functions? I mean, we got comfortable staying home during the pandemic didn’t we!

As we approach the holidays and are invited to more gatherings, I want to put in perspective for you why it is important to make the effort to go – even for a little bit.

There is a secret I want to share with you. The secret is the answer to why you want to attend events with others. But first I want to explain where this blog stems from.

There was an article recently published by Bryce Ward on Americans choosing to be alone. It is a choice that needs to be reversed.

Americans 15 years and older are spending a lot more time alone that they did in 2013. This trend started long before the pandemic. And mental health professionals are finding that this isolation is worsening our mental health crisis.

What is the answer to this?

One of my favorite F Words – FRIENDS!

Spending time with friends and investing in relationships …that is the secret to a fulfilling life.
We need each other in this thing called life.

We can’t survive on texts alone. We can’t survive without deep, meaningful, friendships.
Friends ground us. They bring meaning and memories.

They help us feel safe, secure, and give us a sense of belong.
But we need to be with these friends face to face. FaceTime is a good option but not as beneficial as being in person.

And what about texting? What has happened to picking up the phone and calling someone? I know texting seems easier and quicker in our rushed world. But it can never replace an actual phone call. If you don’t make calls because you think they are interruptions – you need a mindset shift.

A phone call is a gift. It is giving someone your time and a chance to hear your sweet voice.
Making the effort to spend time with others is not only FUN, but vital for your mental health.
We need our friends:

  • To laugh at the stupid things we do
  • To give us honest advice
  • To listen to us
  • To cry with us
  • To celebrate with us when we are at our best, but still love us at our worst
  • For our mental health

If you don’t have events coming up, invite your friends over. It’s always more fun to watch Christmas movies with those you love. Live your life to the fullest – with others.