What are you waiting for?

confident woman course confident woman recipe f word to live by law of attraction Jun 02, 2022

Did you realize that the longer you think thoughts the stronger they become? Did you realize you can mold your world through your power of focus? Don’t call me crazy until you read on.

There have been many times in my life that I have manifested something BIG. 

The first obvious one was in August of 2006. A local newspaper called The Voice Tribune was having its first ever Best Dressed Gala. Fifty women would be selected over the course of several weeks and then the top 5 best dressed would be announced the night of the gala. 

I was thrilled to be selected one of the 50. The letter is still framed and in my office. As it grew closer to the date of the gala I would sit and think about what it would be like to be one of the Top 5! I was selling a high- end line of clothing called Juliana and it would have been so exciting to give this brand more exposure. I was building my personal brand at the time so this would validate that I was an expert in my field of fashion.  I would sit in my quiet time each morning and think about what it would FEEL like to win. 

The Friday before the Saturday gala I wrote in my journal to call Juliana’s home office on Monday and tell them I won Best Dressed. Then I forgot about it. I went to the gala where we had drinks and networked and then it was time for the announcement. I took my seat along with my husband and a few friends and confidently waited. It was time to announce the first name. It was ME!!!! I couldn’t wait until Monday to call Juliana’s home office.

The second time this happened was with a cabi contest. I qualified to win a trip to Paris, France. I had no idea exactly when they were drawing the names but happened to be in Atlanta, Georgia around the time of the drawing. That day I met the founder of cabi, Kimberly Inskeep. When I introduced myself, I asked her if she was going to call or email me when she drew my name as a winner of the contest. We all had a good laugh.

That evening I was at the hotel with some of my cabi sisters having drinks. My phone rang and it was Kimberly Inskeep. Yes, I was one of eight winners of the trip to Paris, France!!!! We all ran down to the room where Kimberly and other home office workers were. When I got to the room Kimberly told me that my name was drawn first. And my name was drawn second! It was some sort of computer- generated way of drawing and this told me I was definitely meant to go!

I’m sure there have been other times I’ve manifested a parking place or running into a friend I needed to see. And I have friends who have shared similar stories of how they won a truck or a trip to Vegas.

It all starts with what we are thinking. I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction. You get what you think about. Period. Good or bad. There really is nothing you cannot be, do or have. It’s the Law. 

So, in my Confident Woman Recipe Course we spend a lot of time working on our future self. The first week is dedicated to your future self. What she looks like, how she walks in a room, what she eats, how she interacts with others and especially what it FEELS like to be her. 

By paying attention to how you feel you can know if you are giving attention to what you desire or if you are giving it to the lack of what you desire. You get what you think about whether you want it or not. 

I would sit and think about how it would FEEL to walk up to that stage and be announced as best dressed. I didn’t recite 50 affirmations a day – I lived as if it already happened. 

Nothing is accomplished without the tools to know how to learn to not only think it, but do it and then become it. Changing the way you think, act, and feel, takes courage and confidence. I am the person to help you do that. What are you waiting for?

Our minds and bodies will work together to think, feel, speak and dream of the person you want to become. Are you ready to have your mind ready for success?

If any of this sounds like what you need – you only have 2 more days to sign up for my Confident Woman Recipe course

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Don’t let anymore time pass you by. Do it now. What are you waiting for?