5 Tips to Transition from Summer to Fall

f word to live by fall fashion summer to fall transition to fall Aug 29, 2023

Are you seeing a glimpse of fall? The weather is cool in the morning and evenings but hot at midday and afternoon.

When temperatures fluctuate, it’s important to know how to roll with the changes.

Today I’m sharing my easiest ways to mix and match summer and fall for these types of days.

  1. There are several outdoor events in the fall. For these, my go-to is a statement jacket. Wearing a column of color and adding a statement jacket is one of the easiest ways to dress. You could easily pair a jacket with a summer outfit and boots. A stylish blazer could layer over a summer dress. A traditional trench coat in a darker neutral color is versatile enough for chilly fall weather and matches everything.
  2. Add deeper hues. You can always pair rich, darker colors with lighter summer clothing. We are seeing a lot of pastel fall colors that would work back to your summer pieces. Colors such as lavender and sage.
  3. Swap your shoes. You can quickly transition from summer to fall by swapping out sandals for booties and sneakers. Consider wearing your booties with skirts, pants, and shorts.
  4. Layer. By adding layers to your summer wardrobe, you create fresh looks. And if the layers become too warm you can easily remove one. It’s best to layer long items over lean ones. Example – skinny jeans with longer tunics and cardigans. Try pairing a cardigan with a sundress or a light sweater with a pair of walking shorts.
  5. Add a scarf. Scarves are a perfect accessory to add to an outfit. When it gets chilly the scarf can keep you warm and add a splash of color.

Don’t get hung up on “rules” of wearing summer clothing after Labor Day. There are no rules. Get creative in your wardrobe. And have FUN!