Living the FASTer Way

f word to live by food fwordstoliveby Apr 07, 2022

When was the last time you went to a doctor’s appointment and your doctor was so impressed with your improved bloodwork? Or when was the last time a friend commented on how great your complexion was looking? When was the last time you felt physically strong and empowered?
Because I personally experienced those results, I’m committed to helping clients become the best version of themselves as a FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach.

FASTer Way is an F word I don’t talk about enough. I have lived the FASTer Way lifestyle for almost four years. It is a lifestyle I can sustain while on vacation, my two adult daughters live it, and my husband has had all the benefits of whole food nutrition we have come to love.
The FASTer Way is a virtual fitness and nutrition program that focuses on the whole health and wellbeing of clients. The cutting- edge strategies aim to help you become well, prevent disease and fulfill your purpose with energy.
Why do so many want a program that seems to be a magic pill, or magic shake. If you are struggling with extra weight, it didn’t come on overnight – and it won’t go away overnight. Stop trying to skip the struggle!
So, what are these two tools the doctor shared in Burned Out by Work, Life, the State of the World. Dr Robin Berzin says we’re all fried and it’s impacting us on a deeper level that we realize. In this article Dr Berzin encourages you to get proactive about your health. You are the chief medical officer of your home, family and community. So here are the two tools to start to feel better. 

  1. What you’re eating. She says we can create powerful change every single day with what we put in our mouths. What you eat every day is defining how you feel right now. The American diet is making us inflamed, sick, foggy, anxious and down. Replace that with real whole foods. In the FASTer Way the founder Amanda Tress says “if it comes from the ground or has a mother you can eat it.” So, we eat vegetables, plants whole grains, fish, meat and healthy fats. Anything else interferes with our brain’s ability to use the serotonin we have. Trust me, within days you will feel better. 
    Last Tuesday’s Taste it Tuesday Wendy Hall beautifully showed how she spends  a  Sunday afternoon cooking for the week. Healthy, delicious and easy. To watch the video, go to my F Words- Community Food Fashion Fun & Friendship. There will be more to come so don’t miss a Tuesday this month.                                             
  2. Sleep. We need sleep quality not just sleep quantity. That means sleeping in a dark room and being in bed by 10:00pm to avoid that later night cortisol spike. Being screen free 60 minutes before bed is recommended. Avoid the information you’re ingesting – especially news. In the FASTer Way we take sleep and rest very seriously. Rest days include two days off from workouts. We do what we call active recovery. A “sleep diet” will put you well on your way to feeling energized, dropping some weight and looking refreshed.

If you would like more information on the FASTer Way strategies, please email me or go to my website. Remember – your health is an investment – not an expense.