Your Mom Said What?

f word to live by food for thought happy mother's day motherly advice May 05, 2022

My mother passed away 20 years ago but I can still hear her repeating sayings that were supposed to teach me something. Not sure all of them taught me something but they certainly stuck with me. Here are a few inspirational sayings from some women who shared in my F Words Community. Thank you ladies for sharing memories of your moms. To all women out there – Happy Mother’s Day. We all “mother” something or someone – so celebrate!
Kathy CampbellMy mom would say “time to shake the stink off.” This applied to a day wallowing in self- pity, or a cold and flu bug. Meaning, get up, take a shower, wash your hair, put on clean clothes and get a fresh perspective on things. She allowed the day or so of wallowing, feeling bad, or feeling sad, then encouraged the shake off. It always improved the situation. I loved her for this.
Sydney FulkersonMy mom would say “If you think you’re going to fail the test then you will fail the test.” You can substitute “fail the test” for anything. It would frustrate the sh## out of me but now I know it’s true.
Wendy Hall – When my mom thought I was lacking in confidence she would say “You better fire your a** up.” That was her way of motivating me. Lol.
Carmen EvansSince becoming an adult my mom always says “Like a good Girl Scout, be prepared.” My mom will be 90 years young this summer. Still today, she reminds me of this in the morning when I call her. Sometimes it drives me crazy, but other times it has saved me. For example – bring my umbrella just in case. If it wasn’t for her, I would not know the weather.
Judy ShepherdMy mom’s famous sayings is “Everything that goes over the devil’s back comes under and buckles.” Mom said this to me and my sisters when we got older and were going out. In other words – be good and make good choices.
Kathryn GilesMy mom would say “Growing old ain’t for sissies.” I think this is a Bette Davis quote. Mom said it all the time. I didn’t understand it until now.
Lori KumarMy mom was awesome and had several quotes: “I’m going to have a hissy fit.” ,"Go wash your mouth out with soap.” ,“Don’t make me count to three.” Just to name a few.
Johnna CraigWhen my mom would make dinner she would say “You get what you get and do not throw a fit.” She was a good cook. Today mom has lots of really wise statements. She is really funny and my friends love her.
Marianne LeMastusMy mom would say “Never say never” and I find that to be so true.
Lynn WyattMy mom is a jewel. She always said “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything.”
Tonyia DownsMy mom would say “You have such a pretty face but your hair is always hanging in it. Pull your hair back off your face.” I always chuckle thinking about that. I realize now she was right. About a lot! But like a typical teen I did the opposite of what she said.
Cindy PhilpottMy mom believed that good character and behavior were more important than good looks so she always said “Pretty is as pretty does.”
Bonnie EngelbyMy mom would say “You better get your rear in gear if you want to go to that party.” It worked!
Linda Laun The two sayings I hear over and over in my head are “The secret to having well behaved children is knowing when to take them home.” And “Beauty is as beauty does.”
Joan CasiMom had many sayings. Here are a few: “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” And “It’s a great life if you don’t weaken.”

Thank you ladies for sharing your stories, your moms sayings and for participating in the F Words Community.

Happy Mother’s Day to all women tomorrow. Have a beautiful day.