Change Your Energy- Change Your Life

Apr 12, 2023

In the beginning of my Image Consulting career, I worked in a lot of closets. Nothing is more exciting than turning a woman’s closet into her sanctuary, her boutique. Your closet is your shrine – or at least it should be.

When I would start working with a woman, the idea of working in her closet was daunting to her. I get it – it sometimes seems like an enormous task. But once we were finished, there was something different about her. She was happy to have it done but I could tell there was an energy about her. By eliminating “stuff” she felt lighter physically and mentally. This change of energy is life changing. 

I’ve realized that this extends beyond closets. Why do we bring so much stuff into our homes and keep them forever? Can you identify with any of the following?

  1. It costs money. This is my husband’s philosophy. Why would we throw out or give away a perfectly good ____(you fill in the blank)? We paid money for it!
  2. It was free or a bargain. Don’t you feel like a queen when you snag something before someone else gets it? It feels good for about one day and the feeling is gone, and you have more “stuff” hanging around.
  3. You feel guilty letting it go. For years we had furniture in our home that belonged to my husband’s parents. It wasn’t my taste and I was resentful for having to keep it and not purchase something new. These items have such a harmful, negative effect on your mood and spirit. It was lifechanging for me to finally get those pieces out of our house and replace them with furniture that brought me joy.
  4. You have an emotional connection to your stuff. I often find this with women working in their closets. They might have a scarf from their mother or handbag from a special aunt – but the scarf and the handbag are something they would never use. In that case I would have her get a memory box that stores under her bed. Getting it out of the closet made her feel better about not wearing it but she still had it and could look at it at any time. Of course, this method isn’t possible with my girl’s schoolwork. They are working adults now, but I have saved every art project, report card and writing assignments since pre-school. They are beautifully organized – but trust me – we are soon having a “let’s go through the boxes party” and I’m getting them out of my garage.
  5. And there is always the “stuff” we think we might need someday. If you haven’t needed it over the past year what makes you think you will need it in the future?

So, what are you to do with all this stuff? Follow these simple steps to getting back your energy and feeling lighter.

  1. Which area of your home do you feel the energy drain? If you feel like it’s the entire home, then which room are you most passionate about getting under control first? A lot of times it feels good to start with the kitchen so I will use that as an example.
  2. Once you determine the room, determine which small space you want to tackle first. In the kitchen it could be the food pantry, the refrigerator, the drawers full of gadgets and gismos you don’t even know what they are used for.
  3. Once you have determined the area, block out time to tackle it. That could mean a 10- minute block, a two- hour block or an entire afternoon. This depends on your availability.
  4. As Nike says “Just Do It.” Action leads to motivation. All you have to do is get started. It is amazing how much you can accomplish in 10 minutes and that small amount of time will lift your energy.

I love to experience quick wins. Start with something that will give you quick results and quick energy. Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you. Your environment will fuel your energy or drain it. The choice is yours.