Did you say “Happy Valentine’s Day” in a pair of granny panties?

f word to live by fwordstoliveby self care Feb 15, 2023

While we all love grandmothers, granny underwear is quite another story.

Have any of these thoughts stopped you from having great lingerie?

  • No one sees my underwear so why bother?
  • Pretty underwear is not practical and it’s uncomfortable.
  • Lingerie is for young people with perfect bodies.
  • Why encourage trouble?

You need to wear clothes that are appropriate and practical for your life. But what you wear underneath these clothes is completely your choice. No one needs to see it but you. So why not take a part of your personality and express it in your lingerie?

A stereotype of lingerie is that it’s worn only for sexual purposes, but lingerie can express so much more. Lingerie can be cute, sporty, fun, playful, colorful, sophisticated, sexy, bold, or simple. If your favorite color is teal, find a matching bra and panty set in that color. You might just have an extra kick in your stop that day!

Want something more sensual, find a fabric that feels divine against your skin. If you want undergarments to be simple and practical, find them in a soft satin fabric that you love. If you prefer something sexier, find a luxurious lace or flirty ruffle set.

Another stereotype of lingerie is that it is uncomfortable and only meant to be used on “special occasions.” Sure, that type of lingerie exists, but there is so much more out there.

It is time to rethink your underwear choices. Modern technology has totally redefined the possibilities for comfort. Now you can wear lingerie that not only looks great but also feels great next to your skin.
Dressing in great lingerie is first and foremost something you do for yourself. Whether or not anyone else benefits, is secondary.

So, burn those bumpy bras and those gray, frayed panties and say “Happy Valentines Day to ME” by treating yourself to some beautiful lingerie.