Do NOT Throw in the Towel

f word to live by fwordstoliveby holiday eating Nov 28, 2023

As you approach the holiday season, I bet you are already doubting your strength when it comes to resisting the delicious holiday treats you’ll be tempted to eat. Let me share a simple little mindset tip that will help you resist eating everything in sight.

Ask yourself “Is this worth it?”

I know it sounds too easy to work. Besides, it isn’t like you haven’t asked yourself that question before, only to end up over-indulging. Am I right?

Let me reframe it for you in a way that encourages you to think about the question AND the answer.

Imagine you’re shopping for a pair of jeans. You walk into the department store and you like ALL of the jeans you see, however you only have it in your budget to afford one pair. So, what do you do? Ultimately, you choose the pair that feels worth the money. Maybe they’re cute, can be dressed-up or dressed-down, and you feel like a million bucks in them.

That is exactly how you need to treat the food you choose to eat this season.

If there is something on the buffet table you just “kind of” like – OR if it is something you can get anytime, maybe it’s not worth it. On the other hand, if your aunt’s famous homemade pumpkin pie is your favorite (and she only makes it once per year), maybe that dessert choice is worth it, just as you like numerous pairs of jeans in the store, you may like several of the desserts. Ultimately, however, you must choose the one that’s most worth it.

As you go through the month of December get prepared for the long game. Your mindset needs to be set prior to December 31st. A mindset geared to health and wellness because that leads to happiness and joy.
I encourage you to do the following every day the month of December if you want to grow in your mindset strength and be ready for a successful 2024:

  • Spend 5-10 minutes on personal development every day. A book or audio
  • Spend 5-10 minutes reflecting on what you read or listened to. How can you apply it? Knowledge is only powerful once you apply it to your life.
  • Make a list of THREE non-negotiable s this month. It’s a busy season, but what are three things you can commit to? Maybe you choose to walk 5 days a week. Maybe you want to drink water with all of your meals. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as they challenge you JUST ENOUGH.

Throwing in the towel and vowing to commit to January 1st isn’t the best idea, friend. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between December 31st and January 1st. This means you need to start today. I’m giving you all my favorite mindset tips in December. Let’s do this.

Who wants to commit to changing NOW? If you’re ready to strengthen your mindset, email me the word “ME” and I’ll send you some encouragement.

You’ve got this. Hello to a wonderful December.