Does it feel like a Trick or a Treat to get Dressed?

f word to live by fall fashion fashion Oct 24, 2023

When you open your closet door does it feel like a night full of frights or a bag of delights? The holidays are just around the corner, and I want to share five styling tips that work great for any holiday event you have coming up. Enjoy finding your most bewitching self.

  1. Are your waist or thighs feeling a bit thicker this year? Draw attention to your face. Red lipstick with a beautiful gloss will keep all eyes on your face. And think about wearing false eyelashes. These little touches make you feel so good about yourself.
  2. Make a statement (necklace). Most women purchase clothing first and accessories are simply an afterthought. Think about purchasing a large statement necklace first. That too will draw attention to your face and could be a conversation starter.
  3. Connect with old spirits by wearing something you have inherited or buy from a vintage store. Maybe you have been lucky enough to inherit some fabulous jewelry, wraps or handbags from your grandmother. Wear something that is interesting and will make you feel fabulous.
  4. Make sure your clothing fits. Just because you have it on doesn’t mean it fits. Wearing clothing that is too tight can make you look larger. You want your outfits to skim your body – not pull and bunch.
  5. Pre-plan your holiday outfits. If you haven’t tried something on since last year, don’t wait until the day of to do so. Nothing causes more drama than having to try on several outfits before a party. Try putting it together a week or several days before. Take a picture of you wearing it. Mirrors lie, pictures don’t.

Before you know it, the holidays will be here, and you will feel prepared and excited – as you should.
Just Creepin’ it Real!