Favorite. Fall. Trends.

Aug 03, 2022

When it comes to the season’s trends, I am always fascinated by what is shown on the major runways and what actually makes it to the retail stores. The trends I share with you today are trends I think you would wear. Don’t feel like you have to adapt all of them. Pick and choose what feels like you.

Knowing you are stepping out in the latest trends makes you feel fresh and relevant. Get ready to be complimented – the fall looks are beautiful.

Are you ready for some trends? Let’s do this.

  1. 80’s Baby. The 80’s was by far my favorite decade. It had volume (not to mention big hair). There was glamor. It was bold. Embrace oversized proportions, and some glitz – even for daytime.
  2. Dopamine Dressing. Bright colors will be seen from head to toe. No color blocking like the past. Besides head- to- toe color you can include brights from your favorite highlighters. You can make an impact in bright yellow, magenta or green. And my prediction is we will see a lot of PINK in the next year with the Barbie Movie on the horizon.
  3. Back to Black. I know I just talked about color, but it is also time to get back to black. Especially black with sparkle and shimmer. Sparkle on. The release from lockdown has spurred a pent-up desire to sparkle and shine.
  4. Horse Girls. Designers have taken inspiration from activities such as tennis, golf and this season we will see all things equestrian. This is an easy one for my Kentucky girls. Think slim trousers, single-breasted jackets, knee-high boots with a touch of earth tones like sandy taupe and chocolate brown.
  5. Bomber Jackets. These are inspired by the 1960’s ski culture, these jackets are more high style than high tech. They are reimagined and even more oversized. Puffers are belted at the waist. Add some fur cuffs and blanket scares.
  6. Matching Suit Styles. You will see less print mixing and more matching suits. Corporate styling is back whether you are headed back to the office or not. These tailored pieces bring back power suits with a touch of feminine charm.

Keep watching my Fashion Friday on my F Words Community to see these trends come to life. Happy Fall!