Focus on the “Paw”sitive

f word to live by Apr 26, 2023

 How many of you adopted a pet during the pandemic? My family purchased a pandemic puppy and my daughters named her Nala. The name Nala means "Queen" and she definitely rules the house.

We can learn so much from our pets. Below are eight lessons I have learned from my pet Nala. I hope at least one of these makes you smile and inspires you to be the change we need to see in our world.

  1. Be Yourself. Nala loves being herself. She doesn’t wish she had the nose of a greyhound or eyes of a huskie. Before Nala I wouldn’t walk outside without makeup on. Not anymore. My neighbors have seen the “real Chris.” Hair a mess, no makeup, tired looking, and it’s okay. No one likes me any less and it takes me to my second point.
  2. Love Your Neighbor. Nala was so excited to meet all of her new friends like Carlos, Molly, Leo, Ollie and Brandi. I too, am amazed at all the new neighbors I met. I have lived in my home for 30 years and have never met as many neighbors as I have since bringing home Nala.
  3. Play! Life is short. Sometimes as adults we forget how important play is for our day. Nala loves to chase balls, play with squeaky toys, ride in the car, and swim in the lake. What do you like to do? Our bodies need to exercise and to keep moving. Go out and play today.
  4. How do you talk to yourself? One day my youngest daughter made the comment that she needed to talk to herself like she talks to Nala; “good girl”, "you are so sweet”, “I love you so much.” Can you look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love yourself? And try it in the high-pitched voice – lol.
  5. Overcome fear. One day Nala encountered a very aggressive dog. She ran behind me whimpering so frightened. Thankfully the owners were there to calm down their dog and within minutes the two of them were playing. Nala completely overcame her fear and insecurity. Love does conquer all and we must love ourselves in order to have the confidence to overcome our fears.
  6. Love unconditionally. I can use my stern voice on Nala for “leave it” and within minutes she is back to loving me. Unconditional love without expecting anything in return.
  7. How do you greet your family members? When we see Nala or she sees us, we have big smiles and have her to come to us. We shower her with hugs, kisses, and petting. Do we do the same for our family. Do you acknowledge them when they walk in a room and give them a big smile or hug?
  8. Live in the moment. I am such a planner. I love blocking my day for work. Now I find myself trying to find a new routine. Dogs have mastered being in the moment. Nala will sit outside and look around. It causes me to look up and around. To be thankful for these beautiful days and surroundings. I’m thankful for being in the moment.

What have you learned from your pet? They have so much to teach us. I would love to hear from you.

Have a paw”sitively beautiful day.