How to Dress with Gratitude

f word to live by fashion fwordstoliveby gratitude holiday dressing Nov 09, 2022

There is much to be thankful for – wonderful FAMILY, amazing FRIENDS, good FOOD while having a ton of FUN! Let’s show our hosts how thankful we really are by how we show up to their dinner party– physically and mentally.

Take these tips and have a wonderful evening

  1. Put Some Thought into Your Outfit – So, you are just going over to a friend’s house for dinner. It could be casual right? And it isn’t just a friend’s house. This is a special evening where your friend is gathering everyone together to celebrate community and connection. Many seem to have become more casual after Covid. It is tempting to slack off, but showing up dressed well is a way to show your host how much you appreciative the invitation. When you sit down to the well-dressed table be the well-dressed guest – because you have put some thought into your attire.
  2. Special Night, Special Pieces – I encourage women to not save anything for good but let’s face it, we do have our special event pieces we keep for special occasions. Well, a night with your friends is a perfect night to pull out those special pieces. Change out to a smaller special handbag. Accessories can be statements. Large pieces can add drama. Accessories help to add color and sparkle. What about that “wow” pair of pants or top? Pull out that statement jacket that makes anything look special.
  3. Looking Casually Chic - If you decide to wear jeans, make sure you are wearing dressy jeans and not your Saturday run-around jeans. Glam them up with a great top and jacket. You can also keep the outfit simple and glam it up with accessories and shoes. Jeans can be a great go-to for dinner parties but make sure you put the effort into what you wear with it.
  4. From Working to Out and About - If you are coming from work, there are ways to switch out a few pieces so as not to look like work is still on your mind. A suit will look too formal and restricted so remove your suit jacket and instead pair your bottom with a fabulous top and great accessories. Another way to get festive is to simply switch out your shoes. Nothing looks duller than your comfortable and conservative work shoes. Wear one of your favorite printed flats or a pair of dress up heels that you rarely get to wear.
  5. The Hostess - If you are hosting the dinner party you will want to not only look fabulous but be comfortable. As you run around making sure everyone’s drinks and bellies are full, you might want to consider some comfortable shoes. If you seem relaxed and comfortable, everyone else will be also.

Getting together with old friends or acquaintances is a celebration in our fast-paced world. Cherish it in a well-thought out outfit than conveys your gratitude to call them friends.