How to Get More Enjoyment from Your Wardrobe

f word to live by fashion fwordstoliveby Feb 21, 2023

Do you look at your wardrobe, shrug, and want to walk away? Are you uninspired? Do you wear the same basic uniform every day? Have you thought about calling it quits with fashion?

Just so you know, everyone gets into slumps about what they’re wearing. It often takes months and sometimes even years to realize we’re in a slump. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can get out of a slump and have fun with clothes again.

Clothing yourself is one thing. That is called getting dressed.

Then there is getting dressed with intention. And there is getting dressed and leaving a pleasurable impression.

We have all been left with pleasurable impressions by how someone looks. It could be a stranger in a grocery store, someone at work, a sales associate at a store, or someone in your book club. When you see them, your eyes want to linger and take in their look.

Perhaps her look is creative and clever and makes you smile. Maybe it’s a friend who consistently adds color to her outfits in ways you haven't tried and yet you love the look.

Are you ready to leave the fashion slump and dress in a way that puts smiles on the faces of strangers? One strategy is to find something that’s already pleasing to you and then go for it with a little more gusto than you have so far.

Here are 3 ideas to add some pizzazz:

  1. Use color. This could be as simple as introducing some pleasing colors into your wardrobe. Every fashion season there seems to be an emphasis on a few specific colors. Pantone will have the color of the season. That is a great place to start for inspiration. Or notice what colors in a store make you happy. You can pull the colors in clothes, coats, shoes, handbags, or scarves. Bringing color into your life will inspire you and make you feel refreshed.
  2. Add one more accessory. Adding a statement piece or just one more to what you have already selected will make you feel refreshed. You can do this with rings, bangles, another necklace etc. Make accessory additions to your outfit, not subtractions.
  3. Add a third piece. There is magic in the third piece. If you are going out in jeans and a T-shirt add a blazer. In colder weather, toss on a wrap scarf over the blazer. Wearing a dress and sweater – add a cute wide brimmed Fedora. A third piece will add more interest and spruce up your mood.
    Let me know what you do to spruce up your wardrobe.