How To Wear White After Labor Day

f word to live by fashion fwordstoliveby labor day Aug 31, 2022

You can wear your white clothing and white shoes year-round. Yes, you can – really!

The tradition of packing away whites began in the nineteenth century by a group of elite women as a way to use fashion to separate those with money from those without. Wearing white represented that you could afford to get out of the city and go on vacation when summer ended. You didn’t wear white after Labor Day if you didn’t have money for vacations so you would pack it away.

So, excluding a whole color for half of a year doesn’t make sense. Why shouldn’t you wear it? Maybe you just aren’t sure how to wear it. If it is the middle of winter and it’s muddy outside then you probably won’t want to wear your white shoes. But wearing white all year is actually practical.

Here are a few tips:

  • Mix and match seasons. Even if it is fall, it can still be warm outside. Try mixing and matching your spring/summer pieces with some new fall/winter pieces.
  • Choose a fall shirt to wear with your white pants. A flannel shirt, a turtleneck or fall tunic would look great if you are wearing skinny white pants. If your pants are a fuller leg you will want to wear a more body skimming top.
  • Choose a fall topper. A fall sweater or jacket over the top pulls in the “fall look” and keeps you on trend.
  • Choose a great fall shoe. As it gets colder you will want to avoid sandals or open toe shoes. Ankle boots, sneakers or closed-toe shoes would be great with white pants or a summer dress.

    It’s really easy right? Use those white pieces in your wardrobe. Have fun and send me pictures of your favorite white look.