I Hate Shopping

Nov 16, 2022

I hate to shop when I’m looking for something specific. Recently I was in a local department store looking for a specific color of earrings. The lady behind the jewelry counter asked me if I was finding everything I needed, and I indicated the color of earring I was looking for. She listened, smiled and walked away. 

Why did she even ask if she wasn’t going to assist me? This isn’t the first time that has happened to me. Customer service has taken a nose dive, that is if you can find someone working. I know since Covid it is so difficult to find help.

Do you hate to shop? If you said yes, you are not alone. Women tell me all the time how they hate to shop. Do any of these reasons resonate with you:

  • “I feel like the boutiques only cater to smaller sizes.”
  • “I’m overwhelmed in a large department store and don’t know where to begin.”
  • “I hate to try on clothing. When I get it home it doesn’t look the same as it did at the store so I return it or it hangs in my closet with the tags on it.”
  • “I can’t get anyone to help me. They either don’t want to help or you can’t find someone.”.

I feel your pain and want to give you a few tips to make your next shopping trip a successful one.

  1. Shop with a detailed list. Anticipate upcoming events. What do you need? Stick to the list and don’t get distracted
  2. Shop when you are well-rested and have high energy.
  3. Shop early in the week and early in the day, if possible, to avoid crowds or being rushed.
  4. Go by yourself. Leave girlfriends, sisters and kids at home so you can focus on yourself.
  5. Look your best. Wear makeup, fix your hair, wear proper undergarments and sensible shoes. When you are trying on your clothing you can always stand on your toes if the garment requires heels.
  6. Don’t shop when you are desperate. That’s like going to the grocery store when you are hungry.
  7. Make friends with sales associates. You will need someone to help you fetch different sizes or they might have some ideas once you communicate the occasion or specific garment you are looking for.
  8. In the dressing room reach, sit and bend. Make sure you like how it feels in other positions than standing.
  9. If you don’t have the proper undergarments for the item, are you willing to make the purchase to fix it? There is no excuse these days to have panty lines or bra straps showing.

A lot of these tips will be helpful when you go out and do your Holiday Shopping. Take charge of your shopping trips. Be productive, energized and make smart purchases.