Say this instead…

Aug 29, 2023

It is amazing what swapping one word can do for a statement you say to yourself. These are simple but not always easy to remember. If you find yourself saying something negative, write the positive on a post- it -note as a reminder.

  1. “I have to do that.” Say instead “I get to do that.” Changing that one word can completely change your attitude. You are looking at something as an opportunity, not an obligation.
  2. “I can’t do that.” Say instead “I can try to do that.” Don’t admit defeat before you’ve begun. When you tell yourself you will try, you are giving yourself a chance to accomplish something.
  3. “I should do that.” Say instead “I will (or won’t) do that.” Never “should” on yourself. It is such a controlling word and puts pressure on you. Be the decision maker and decide if you will or won’t do it.
  4. “Why is this happening to me?” Say instead “What am I learning from this?” When you are learning you are not complaining. It always leads to better things when you are learning.
  5. “I failed.” Say instead “This attempt didn’t work.” Anytime you tell yourself you failed – end of story. That is being unfair to yourself. There will always be other opportunities.
  6. “If only I had done (fill in the blank).” Say instead. Nothing! We have all had our “if only” moments. Move on. There is another chance at something around the corner.
  7. “It’s not fair.” Say instead “I can deal with it anyway.” Life isn’t fair sometimes but that doesn’t mean you keep repeating this negative mantra. Look for solutions that will get you to where you want to be.
  8. “It’s never going to change.” Say instead “I can change the way I approach this.” This is another case of going from passive to active. Put yourself in charge of the situation. If you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right.

Doesn’t all this reframing feel better? It takes a bit of practice and the determination to see the glass half full and not half empty. You’ve got this.