Start Your Closet Diet with 5 Easy Steps

closet cleaning f word to live by fashion Jan 23, 2023

It seems to be an annual ritual for many: eat, drink, and spend money in December; starve, refrain and pay in January.

Why not add to your January fun and put your closet on a diet too?

Fat closets are an epidemic. I have yet to see a closet that could not benefit from the loss of a few pounds. So, whether your closet is just a bit pudgy, or truly obese, these winter months are the perfect time to shed some of that excess weight. Make a 2023 resolution to be a Big Loser and create a wardrobe that is lean and mean.

Trust me, getting your closet in shape is much easier than shrinking those thighs or eliminating the tummy!

Step 1 – Take a “before” picture. Pictures do not lie
Step 2 – Assess where you have been and where you are going. Comparing and contrasting is a great way to discover if your wardrobe is where it needs to be. What do you want in 2023? Do you want to look more feminine, dress comfortably, be more modern, or simply have less stuff? Your closet should represent where you are going not where you have been.
Get a journal and a pen and make two columns: title the first column “less” and the second column “more.” Think about what you want “less of” and “more of” in 2023. Maybe you want less gray and more color, less skirts and more pants, less heels and more flats, or less ok things and more clothes that you LOVE. Don’t forget about basics. You should have a wardrobe that is 80% basics and 20% wow and fun. (see step 4).
Step 3 – Record your frustrations. Keep your journal near your closet and make notes when you are challenged to find something to wear. For example, you may have plenty of workout pieces but never the right thing for Friday date night.
Step 4 – Rethink your closet layout. Your closet needs your “Wow” pieces and “Basic” pieces. Wow pieces are those that you love because of the color, fit or the way they make you feel. Basics compliment and support your wow pieces. You might consider putting your “wow” pieces in one part of your closet and your “basics” in another.
Step 5 – Check my February 9th newsletter for information on how to sort through your tops, including the best necklines, sleeve lengths and styles. Learn what is muscle and what is fat!

If you stumble over any of these steps, call for help. I can be your personal trainer and assist.