The Closet Diet Continued - February’s Project: Lose some tops!

closet cleaning f word to live by fwordstoliveby Feb 08, 2023

In January we started the Closet Diet with five easy steps. February is the month to lose weight in the “top” section of your closet. My guess is, like most people, you wear only 20% of the shirts hanging in your closet. This month let’s try to shed some of the 80% that is just taking up space.

The clothing you wear around your face is the most important part of your outfit.

Ask yourself the following questions to see if your tops are working for you or are they simply excess weight:

  1. Does the color look good on you? The color you wear around your face can make you look great or washed out.
  2. Is the neckline flattering? V-neck and scoop necks are the most universally flattering. Crew necks are the most difficult to wear and should be avoided if you have broad shoulders, a large chest or thick neck.
  3. Is the sleeve length flattering? If your arms are not your favorite feature avoid sleeves that are tight or hit your arm at a wide point.
  4. Does your top hit you at a flattering part of your hip? Is it too long or too short?
  5. Is it boxy, too baggy or too tight?
  6. Is the pattern dated, matronly or too young?
  7. Are there stains, pulls or frays?

If these tops are weighing you down, you have my permission to let them go. You need to get rid of those items that no longer serve you. It will free up space for better items to come. Now doesn’t that feel better!

In March we will lose some pants. I can’t wait!