Ways to tend to your garden of life

f word to live by Mar 29, 2023

A garden is a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself. Whether you have a summer garden or not, nurturing a garden is similar to nurturing your own life.

  1. What you plant in your mind will harvest your tomorrow. I believe you are what you Eat & Drink, Wear and Think. What you think is the soil to your garden. Do you ever think about your thoughts? How do you talk to yourself? What are you saying? Would you say that to your best friend or child? What you think about you bring about. You get back what you are giving out. If you are thinking negative thoughts, then that is what is growing in your life.
  2. Stop watering dead plants. My girlfriend Scarlett gave up growing lettuce because her garden gets too much sun and lettuce wouldn’t grow. Stop pouring your focus and energy into things that are not going to grow anymore. Recognize when relationships or priorities are not healthy for you. Pull the weeds that weigh you down.
  3. Find what brings you happiness in your garden. You will empower yourself by tending to your garden of life. What habits do you need to incorporate? Are there toxic people in your life that you need to remove? Focus on what brings you happiness and tend to more of that.
  4. Ask yourself – “Is this the best use of my energy”. Energy is like a watering can with a limited amount of water. Every good thing requires hard work. You are the only one who can decide where to best use your energy on a daily basis.
  5. The most beautiful things in life are sandwiched between a rock and a hard place. You have to push through the dirt. We go along in life and suddenly “life” happens. Hardship, disappointments, and struggles. That’s like more and more dirt piling on your head. We all have our struggles. But the bigger the trials the bigger the triumphs. Push through the dirt into the beautiful sunshine. Be the beauty for others to see.
  6. Even small growth is be appreciated and celebrated. Scarlett is so excited when she sees her plants pushing through the dirt. She knows it’s the beginning of what is to come. How often do we overlook the progress we’ve made? Any growth is growth towards reaching your goals. Stop and celebrate all your wins – big or small.
  7. Death is part of the circle of life. Our society doesn’t talk much about death, but it is something we will all experience. Plants go through their natural cycle of birth, life, death – repeat. We all have a purpose to fulfill. Are you nurturing and watering your purpose?

Nothing thrives without consistent hard work and dedication. That includes your garden and your life.
Plant your beautiful garden and watch it grow!