What a magazine won’t tell you about self confidence

Jul 05, 2023

While magazines and online publications have some great tips, sometimes they can leave you feeling like you aren’t doing enough to take care of yourself, dress correctly, think a certain way etc.

I have 5 tips to help you build self-confidence. These small exercises can create big actions over time. Let’s do this!

  1. Dress for the person you want to be. I know I’ve said in the past to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Unless you love your job of course. Do you dress to be safe? Safe shapes, safe colors? Or are you embracing who you fully are. Nothing makes a woman more confident than to be completely authentic. Dress to please yourself and not anyone else.
  2. Take really bad selfies. What? I know we all want to take great selfies. If you still don’t want to get your picture taken, then maybe you are disconnected with what you see in the mirror. The more you start to connect with your reflection, the greater chance of you finding things you love about you. It doesn’t matter if it is the mirror or a selfie – take a good look at the amazing woman starring back.
  3. Do something for you that is not related to your work or a goal. We get so busy it is hard to do things just for the fun of it. Go on an excursion to a consignment shop, or furniture store you love. Not to purchase stuff but to stroll, look around, and enjoy the inspiration. Maybe go outside in the pouring rain, start painting, make your own body scrub with oil, lavender, and sugar. If you don’t know what you find fun, then start exploring.
  4. Stop apologizing. Have you noticed how much women say “I’m sorry.” Someone can bump into you and you say “I’m sorry.” I’ve said it to my dog. I hate calling someone and I say, “Did I catch you at a bad time” and they will say “I’m eating” and then I say I’m sorry and I shouldn’t be. If you are eating, please don’t answer the phone. Over saying “I’m sorry” is a confidence crippler.
  5. Show up. You have every right to show up, to exist, and do the things that make you happy. You are not here to shrink, to keep your thoughts to yourself, and to look at the ground when you walk. Don’t hide your brilliance or shy away from what makes you unique. Surprise yourself.

You don’t need a magazine, the latest trends, or the color of the year to make you shine. You are so amazing as you are. With a bit more confidence you will be on top of the world. Cheers to you!