What to focus on for a bright, positive, future

f word to live by self care Feb 25, 2022

I have personally seen some incredible changes in an individual’s quality of life when they were intentional about changing for the better. By being intentional I mean deciding to change because let’s be real - it is a decision.

If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.
- Henry Ford

The reason why so many New Year’s Resolutions are tossed aside the middle of January is because they didn’t change their inner thoughts and feelings. You might say you want to be rich, but if you are feeling poor – nothing is going to change.
I often see this with clients in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. Just because you sign up for a program like this, doesn’t mean you will see results. You have to put in the effort and that effort starts with a decision to do it. I always tell my clients, it’s not about Willpower but Whypower.

Do you want to guarantee yourself a bright, positive, future? Then focus on becoming a type of person, not on a particular outcome.

Forgive your younger self.

Believe in your current self.

Create your future self.

Let me give you an example. Someone coming into the FASTer Way to Fat Loss might want to lose 20 pounds. Just telling yourself week after week you want to lose 20 pounds doesn’t mean it will happen, especially when their self- talk tells them it isn’t possible. If by some chance they do lose the weight they often go back to old habits and regain it back – and then some.

Instead, what does a person 20 pounds thinner do? What do they eat? What is their attitude like? Do they workout? What do they look like?
You have to create a new reality for yourself. Your behavior has to match your intention. The more you have a clear, focused, image in your mind of this person you want to become, the quicker you become her. The quicker you live in this bright, positive, future that you can create for yourself.
The key is to create this future person to be so real in your mind that you live as though everything has already happened.

Your thoughts truly do shape your destiny. What will your destiny look like?
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Cheers to your bright, positive, future.